About Taverna Yiannis

Taverna Yiannis in Panormos Beach

A family-run traditional Taverna by-the-sea

Our taverna has stood the test of time since 1993.

Our honest and authentic Greek Cooking has contributed to our ongoing success. It made us recognise the value of preserving the identity of Taverna Yiannis and stand out from the competition. 

Our Family Business doesn’t rely on the magnificent location alone. Being so close to the sea of Panormos beach certainly provides us with a special place.

A place we strive to make as special for you as our Greek cooking is.

Some of our signature appetizers, like our ‘Home-made Skopelos Cheese Pie‘ have exceeded our customer’s expectations every single time, both in appearance and special taste. Our repeat visitors never miss a chance to order it year after year.


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We try out best for our tastes not to remain stagnant either.

We infuse some of our dishes and enrich your taste pallet in unexpected ways.

Our tender Veal with our home-made recipe of sweet-and-sour plums has been featured as one of the Best-selling dishes of our menu. Although it’s not considered a classic, local recipe, its made with locally-sourced plums, helping the island economy in every way possible.

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